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  Vision and Mission Statement
Our objective is to become a body of a networking system that will allow for or can act as an integration of business units in different environment and social status.
We offer competitive market related prices to our clients for service. And when it comes to consumables we the latest technology is always our primary concern.

OBZAR Construction cc (OBZAR) is a “MULTI-DISCIPLINARY” black owned South African company.

The company was established in 2005 by Obed Marothi Rejoices Matlebjane. OBZAR is groomed and natured by the concept “Sustainable Development” of the Black Empowerment Act. Through reconstruction and development forum, stated in the South African Constitution. OBZAR is actively involved in community projects, aimed at targeting learning institutions, youth Empowerment groups and providing service to local Business. This interaction provides the basis for a networking plat form. The company is driven by passion for bring about change in on various levels, within our country. In short we can say that “OBZAR” is all about providing quality service, by means of effective efficiency


Corporate Profile
OBZAR is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Pretoria (Department of Trade and Industry) registration number 2005/097740/23 and Vat No. 4660224108

Description of services offered by the business and the innovative features, of these products and the competitive edge they offer the business over rivals in the market:-

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